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Children's Lap Desk

Lap Desk for Kids

This is Isaac who is homeschooled. He uses his lap desk for class work and to play games. His favorite place to work is while sitting on the couch.  He also loves to take his desk on car trips.

Child working on her lap desk
Child working on her lap desk

This is Sarah. Her favorite pasttime is drawing and doing other kinds of artwork. She likes to use her lap desk when she's sitting on the floor or on the couch.



Our small lap desk for kids is perfect for children from ages three and up. These desks come with wooden or bamboo tops that measure 16" wide and 12" from top to bottom and are attached to a 3" pillow. Fun to use and durable, Lap of Luxury lap desks are great for doing homework, working on art projects, doing crafts, reading, and a lot more. Great for road trips!

Your child's posture is improved as the working surface is raised. See the article on vision and learning to see how important it is to have correct book and writing position. Kids are able to work and play from all of their favorite places like the couch, the floor, curled up in bed, or riding in the car and maintain the correct posture that's most beneficial for their vision. 

We'd be more than happy to personalize your child's lap desk with fabric of your choosing. Send us a half yard of your favorite fabric and we'll use it for the pillow! 

Contact us for more information and our mailing address. 

       Small maple lap desk
       with "flowers" fabric.

          "Monsters" fabric.

            "Zigzag" fabric.

TO ORDER: Click standard to order maple/cherry or bamboo for bamboo. Chose "small" under "size". If you would like to send your own special fabric (1/2 yard), just order any small wooden or bamboo lap desk and send a separate e-mail requesting the mailing address and letting us know that you are sending fabric.

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