Children’s Lap Desks

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Kid’s fabrics add alot to a child’s fun experience with lap desks. My friend Bonnie’s two grandsons each picked out a piece of fabric at Joanne’s Fabric which I then used to make their desks, fun! They use their lap … Continued

Summertime Special

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Summer is a great time to sit in the yard with a Lap Desk and book. It may seem odd to take a lap desk with you to read, but you’ll notice the relaxation in your neck and shoulders if … Continued

Lap Desks Everywhere

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As I rest and write at my brother Paul’s computer, I am pleased to be using a small lap desk that my sister in law Crystal previously purchased for their kids. Maple with wiener dog fabric, it keeps the heat … Continued

Meditation on Nothing

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Adya Shanti calls it Resting As Awareness,  Eckhart Tolle calls it letting go of the egoic mind, Breema calls it no hurry, no hesitation, and Paul Casey calls it surrendered focus. In Jeffrey Brantley’s book “Calming Your Anxious Mind”, he … Continued

Dominica 2008

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I lived on the island of Dominica from 1999-2001. I go back every couple of years to visit. In 2008, I dog and house-sat for a friend. Enjoy this blog! Chapter 1: Schools Out I am floating in the middle … Continued

Copy Kat

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When I start a new career, lecture, coat, business, or craft idea I am inspired by and use someone else’s work first. This can feel wrong somehow, uncreative, like I’m stealing, but that’s an unnecessary judgment. The people I follow … Continued

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