We can customize in the following ways:

  • Extra board width: We can make a desks up to 24″ wide. The exact width and type of wood/bamboo will depend on what is in stock.  Charge: $5.00 per added inch.
  • Extra board depth: You can ask for less but not more than the standard 16″ top to bottom (large) or 12″ top to bottom (small).Charge: $5.00 per inch of adjustment. Available in all boards.
  • Cushion depth: Add more or less depth to the cushion. Charge: $5.00 per inch of adjustment.
  • Density: Ask us to fill the pillow with more or less foam. No charge.
  • Ledging: We can add pencil ledging all the way around the top. Example: for jewelers who do not want to lose their beads (see photo below). Cost: $15.00
  • Fill: We can put Velcro in one seam so that you can fill it yourself with buckwheat hulls from Mountain Rose (we recommend one pound for small, four pounds for large desks). You can also fill it with whatever you want! $5.00 charge for Velcro. Comes without shredded foam.
  • Send us your fabric. 2/3 yard for large, 1/2 yard for small. No charge.
  • We can add a long pocket along the front edge. Charge $7.00

    These special orders usually take some back and forth communication between you and us.
Contact us and we will figure it out together. 

This is the same desk, custom size 13" x 22", custom ledging to support a keyboard, and with the foam bottom covered with fabric.
Medium desk with custom ledging and custom size 13″ x 22″.

Custom order: Customer Fabric
Custom order: Customer Fabric

custombeader board
Custom order: Beader Board (top only)

Custom order: Buckwheat Hull Filler