Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I order custom sizes?
Q: How do I pay for special orders?
Q: How heavy are the desks?
Q: How do I lift and carry the desk?
Q: Can I order different filler for the cushion?
Q: What material is used as the filler?
Q: Can I order the large desk with the 3 inch cushion instead of the 5 inch?
Q: Can I save on shipping charges and pick the desk up in Eugene?
Q: Do you have a retail store in Eugene?
Q: The 12x16 size seems small to me-is this the average size for most people? My friend does crosswords and uses her i-Pad while sitting on a couch. I think the next size would be better for her. What do you advise?
Q. Do you have a paper catalogue of your products?
Q. Can I get different fabric than what is shown on your site?
Q: What is the darkest wood you have? I have one of your lap desks and love it and want another one for use in my bedroom. I would love a darker wood.
Q: I see that you had an armchair type lap desk without a pillow in your video. Do you still make these?

I am looking forward to working with you!
Kathleen Hogan  Owner, Lap of Luxury Lap Desks