Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I order custom sizes?
A: Yes. Here are some examples:

  1. Wider desks depending on what’s in stock, usually up to 24″ wide. They will be 16” from top to bottom. The cost is $5.00 for each additional inch added to or taken off the standard board.
  2. You can order deeper pillows, again the cost is $5.00 for each additional inch of depth.
  3. You can order pencil ledging all the way around the top surface, if, for instance, you are a jewelry maker and want the beads to stay on the board. The cost is an additional $10.00.
  4. You can send me your own fabric, 2/3 yard for large or medium, ½ yard for small. There is no additional charge.
  5. You can ask me to customize your desk in any way and I will let you know if I can do it and how much it will cost. See the custom order page. Contact me at, 541-606-6473.
Q: How do I pay for special orders?
A: you will need to pay through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to do this. Go to and click on  for the correct amount to Contact me Kathleen Hogan, regarding the correct amount: or call me 541-606-6473.
Q: How heavy are the desks?
A: The large maple/cherry is approximately 3.5 pounds. The large bamboo is approximately 4 pounds. The small maple/cherry is about 1.5 pounds and the small bamboo is about 3 pounds. The weight of the maple/cherry really varies based on the number of plys included in the 1/2″ laminate and whether they are hardwoods or soft.  Once the desk is on your lap, the weight feels good. You can ask that the cushion be stuffed firmly or loosely. That affects the weight but not by much.
Q: How do I lift and carry the desk?
A: The desk is lifted by grasping with the pencil ledge and the piece of wood holding the cushion to the bottom of the board.
Q: Can I order different filler for the cushion?
A: No, but I can leave the cushion empty and put a Velcro closure on one seam. Then you can fill it with whatever material you like. See the custom order page.  I have a suggested source for buckwheat hulls or other organic filler, Mountain Rose Herbs. This will add a couple of pounds to the weight.
Q: What material is used as the filler?
A: I use shredded foam in small pieces in the large and small desk pillows and a solid piece of foam in the medium .
Q: Can I order the large desk with the 3 inch cushion instead of the 5 inch?
A: Yes and no. The easiest way to do this is to ask me to fill the cushion with less foam, no charge. It will flatten to 3″.
Q: Can I save on shipping charges and pick the desk up in Eugene?
A: There is no charge for shipping if you are close to Eugene and want to pick up your desk in person. Contact  me, 541-6066473, and do not order from the website. Be prepared to pay cash when you arrive. You can also pick out a desk that is already constructed.
Q: Do you have a retail store in Eugene?
Q: Do you have a retail store in Eugene?
A: No. Contact me, 541-6066473, and you can come to my shop which is in Eugene.
Q: The 12x16 size seems small to me-is this the average size for most people? My friend does crosswords and uses her i-Pad while sitting on a couch. I think the next size would be better for her. What do you advise?
A: The ‘right’ size for any person depends on many variables. How much lap does the person have? How old is the person? Will s/h be using the desk as s/he grows up? Is lifting 4 pounds a problem?How does s/he sit? If the legs are out straight, for example, the desk can be larger but if the person sits with bent knees, it’s important to know how much space there is on the lap. Does this person want to carry the desk out into the world? I carry my small desk out to internet cafes so that I can sit on a couch or in an armchair. Its perfect for my lap top. What are the dimensions of her/his lap top or device? Contact me and I can help you figure out which size to purchase., 541-606-6473.
Q. Do you have a paper catalogue of your products?
A. No, but I can copy onto paper. I have a brochure with the maple desks illustrated within. I can also make a paper copy of anything on the website.
Q. Can I get different fabric than what is shown on your site?
A: Yes. If you cannot find fabric that you like anywhere on the site, you can send me fabric. I need 2/3 yd for a large or medium and 1/2 yd for a small. Contact me for my mailing address and details. I can also look for fabric in the fabric stores, if you have a specific request., 541-606-6473.
Q: What is the darkest wood you have? I have one of your lap desks and love it and want another one for use in my bedroom. I would love a darker wood.
A:  Cherry. Occasionally I buy a sheet of walnut but as it has not been popular, I hesitate to buy more. I will announce it on the website if I have the darker woods, like walnut. I know the walnut is featured in the video.
Q: I see that you had an armchair type lap desk without a pillow in your video. Do you still make these?
A: No. There are many reasons that I stopped making these. I’m sorry but they are no longer available.

I am looking forward to working with you!
Kathleen Hogan  Owner, Lap of Luxury Lap Desks