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Thank you to Robert Lobitz of for reminding us that combining a desk with a bed is a great idea.
Desk Bunk Beds As a Multi-Use Piece Of Furniture
In today’s world, prices are getting higher and higher while paychecks are getting lower and lower leaving people with the option of either giving up luxury or personal space. Most people in that situation just opt to find a place with a size and price range comfortable for them, but that can leave quarters feeling cramped and often not give you much space to work while at home. Worry no longer, because the next wave of space saving utilities is here with the combination bunk bed with desk (or use the luxurious Luxury Lap Desk in your bed for great support plus space saving). 
With this incredibly useful piece of furniture you no longer have to hunch over a nightstand near your bed or couch or decide between a desk plus futon or space for a bed. By purchasing a bunk bed with desk addition, you can have your work and sleep space in one area, freeing up room in your place for whatever you could think of adding to your home. You might assume that there’s a limited selection of choices when it comes to something like this and you would be wrong. Desk bunk beds are getting more and more popular with the wide variety of styles and materials they are made from.
The most common kind of bunkbed plus desk features a wide workspace underneath an attached raised bed with a metal frame, giving you a unique and sturdy sleeping space with lots of room for a computer and space to write whether you’re finishing up some homework or putting together a business project. Another favorite of style is really popular with kids, featuring a standard bed on bottom and a smaller bed crossing over the top and leaving room for the desk on the opposite side of the ladder making it great for parents who want to give their kids extra sleeping space for a sleepover with friends and also a workspace for schoolwork or reading. You don’t have to give up personal space pr make a sacrifice of comfort just to be able to afford you next month’s rent, just look to desk bunk beds as a way to kill two birds with one stone.

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