In sickness and in health

Last May I celebrated my 10th year of good health following surgery for endometrial and ovarian cancer and six fun months of chemo and radiation. It was interesting being hairless and it was agony having my trigeminal neuralgia get much worse but all in all the chemo wasn’t too bad. After all, I got to sit in a special armchair with cookies and my friends near by, for four hours at a time… while poison dripped into my veins…veins they couldn’t find and so had to pierce my poor hands back and forth right to left and back again… but I wander. Isn’t that what a blog is all about?

Thank God for my lap desk. I ate on it, wrote on it, propped up books and did puzzles on it. Six months in and out of bed and my favorite armchair. My feet hurt like hell. I would mince along to the phone or the bathroom, then back to the chair and my view of the river. “Ouch, oo, ouch, oo, ouch. Where’s my lap desk?”

My hair all grew back, my body still works, and now it’s in the far past. I am officially cured though I knew I was cured long before the five year date. I have gut damage and new lenses replacing the cataracts that were a side effect of hyperbaric treatment for the damaged small intestine. I know I reside in a machine and I do a lot to take care of it. But it has an expiration date and I am very aware of that. What I intend every day is to make that day a snapshot of a rich and colorful life. I recycle sweaters into coats and dishes into glass art. I start websites and populate them with my products. My house has projects and lap desks in every room. My lap top lives on the first one ever built, from 1984, in the living room, my DVD player and journal on others in the bed. I eat on a little one because its light and easy to grab. Me and my lap desks, in sickness and in health, we’re a team
Lap Desk

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