Lap Desks Everywhere

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As I rest and write at my brother Paul’s computer, I am pleased to be using a small lap desk that my sister in law Crystal previously purchased for their kids. Maple with wiener dog fabric, it keeps the heat of the laptop off my legs as I lean back in his office chair. I am staying in my niece Brittney’s room along with many stuffed animals and another small lap desk, this one with owl fabrics. I use it as a bedside table when the usual one is removed for her graduation party. At Crystal’s grandmother’s nursing home, a large lap desk covers her lap in her recliner, supporting her arms and allowing her to eat on her lap.
I had a great time in Alabama with my brother’s family. My next stop is Florida where I am visiting my ex-husband Ram, the designer of the first lap desk in the ’80’s (see photo). kat with desk
I am thrilled to see my desks used for so many things in so many places. My legs are happy too, and my shoulders as I can drop in stead of hunching them as I type. I will be back in Oregon in a week and back to work making desks.
Thanks to my many customers and family members for supporting this business! Thanks especially to my new customers patiently (or perhaps impatiently) waiting for my return to work.

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