Our latest lap desk, sleek and stable

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Our latest product developed in February, 2015 is a 19″ x 12″ x 2″ maple desk top of the traditional 1/2″ high quality laminate with an attached 2″ slab foam cushion. The extra width allows for the use of a mouse as well as a lap top computer. The 2″ slab foam is very stable on your legs. The disadvantage of the slab foam is that you cannot move it around to make a wedge under your legs.

I use the new desk when I am sitting in bed with my legs straight out in front of me. I don’t need the wedge as my legs are horizontal and not bent or angled. I like the extra stability for my lap top and snacks.

I use the large lap desk when I am sitting crosslegged on the floor or bed and when I am sitting on a couch that does not keep my thighs horizontal to the floor. Then I wedge the foam to keep the board horizontal.

I use the small desk when I am out and about at restaurants, meetings, or when I need a surface to write on in my car. I use it in the house too, if its the closest desk to my chair or bed (they’re everywhere).

What desk you decide on depends not only on what use you have for it, but what you will be sitting on and how your legs will be arranged. You can eat, do paperwork, use mobile devices on any of them. The large lap desk is perfect for recliners, the medium is good in bed with legs straight out, the small for children in the car or for when you just need a flat surface and a light weight.

Speaking of weight, the large and medium desks are 3-4.5 pounds depending on the density of the 1/2″ laminate and whether they are made of maple, cherry or bamboo. The bamboo is the heaviest with three layers of solid bamboo and no wood. The small desks are 2.5-3.5 pounds, again the bamboo is the heaviest.

Check out the latest desk in the photos and if you think it will be the perfect size for you, order here. Thank you for you support.

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