Consistent High Quality

  • Lap of Luxury Lap Desks are hand-made in Eugene, Oregon. We fully support reuse and recycle philosophies. We stuff the cushions with recycled foam that is purchased and shredded locally.
  • Construction includes a 16-step process which starts with marking the fabric and ends with the owner, creator, and designer, Kathleen Hogan's signature on the back. A table saw, a band saw, a chop saw, a router, a belt sander, a palm sander, a nail gun, putty, and a sewing machine are used in the creation of your individual desk.
  • Most of the high quality cotton fabrics on the standard page are from Kona Bay Fabrics in Honolulu, Hawaii. The bamboo desks come with the option of hand painted batiks from Malaysia. Other fabrics are available; see the limited fabrics page.
  • The desks are made of  1/2" laminate with maple, cherry or walnut veneer (standard), or 1/2" solid bamboo (three layers of bamboo). All desks are treated with lacquer on the top and bottom and wood finish on the edges for long life.
  • The soft cushion for each pillow lap desk is made of high-quality cotton fabric over 4.5 inches (large) or 3 inches (small) of real shredded foam (no Styrofoam or polyfil). If the pillow flattens, just poke it with your fingers to fluff up the foam.
  • The cushion is firmly attached to the bottom of the lap board with a sturdy wooden frame. The cushion will slowly conform to your legs in whatever seating position you choose. The cushion is 4.5" on the large desk and 3" on the small. The high pillow offers excellent support of the low back , neck and shoulders. No more stooping over while you work and play.
  • The 3/8" wooden pencil ledge in front of the lap desk keeps your laptop computer, book, plate, or pen and papers from landing in your lap. You can order a 1/2" flip down ledge for great suppport of a slippery I-pad or tablet.
  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

"Let me start by saying that I found the lap desks because I only purchase items crafted in America. Problem one solved! Secondly, my first order never arrived via FEDEX. I called Kathleen, and together we worked the issue out through FEDEX. She did everything that was needed to file for the claim, and my lap desk arrived promptly afterward. She also kept me in tune with the progress of the claim. Overall, the product has helped me while working on my laptop, eating meals, and Kathleen was awesome!" From Miles