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“I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous lap desks. Jim and I are delighted with them. My original, crummy desk was a high school graduation gift, and much used over the last 30 years. When I began dating Jim in my freshman year of college, I bought one for him, too. We have been using some old fiberboard topped ones for the last 30 years….through many moves and many repairs. Jim was sure that we would have to rebuild our lousy old ones, and even purchased some batting to replace the little Styrofoam beads that were leaking out of them. I suggested that we could probably find some new ones, and that repairs were becoming irrelevant given the fact that the fabric was practically rotting. Thus, a trip to E-bay, and a very happy purchasing experience. Needless to say, these new desks are “the lap of luxury,” especially when compared to what we were using. I will post a highly favorable rating to your e-bay seller site. We will be in touch when gift-giving opportunities arise. Thank you very much.” Jean and Jim Siegesmund, Cinncinnati, Ohio

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my lap desk (lounge chair lap desk) and it’s utterly PERFECT! Such high quality and the ideal size for my chair. Thank you so much!” Khanada Taylor

“Ankle reconstruction surgery, which includes some very cumbersome hardware attached to my leg, has had me working from my home for over four months. Because of pain and swelling it’s imperative that I keep my leg elevated. My Lap Desk has made my life so much easier. I can sit in bed, in a recliner or regular chair and use my lap top computer. It’s stable and totally comfortable in my lap. I also use it regularly for reading newspapers or books because it angles the material very comfortably and takes the stress off my back and neck. Worth the price a zillion times over!”  Tracey C. – KEZI Television

“I used to twist and lean over the arm of the couch to do crossword puzzles. My back would always kink up. Now with my Lap Desk I can relax and not twist my back. It supports my arms, too. I am so much more comfortable”  Ane M.

“I was stumped. My laptop has a vent that is totally covered by my lap when I use it and was constantly overheating. When I saw what Lap of Luxury had to offer, I knew instantly that this was the right product. After two weeks of using this product, I absolutely love it. It is well made, and my computer has circulation and does not overheat anymore.”  George Tran.

“I use my lap desk for paying my bills, eating dinner on the couch, and doing crossword puzzles. I love it that I can simply move my work over if I have to get up and answer the phone. I don’t have to struggle to put it all away first. A portable desk is so convenient.”  Lisa A. – Life and Career Coach

“My husband and I both have your lap desks and use them a lot.I have always tended to hunch over my work or book, and this has helped with my posture and to relax my shoulders. I LOVE it!
Thank you.”  Jackie Feil

“My husband loves his lap desk! He was really surprised too at Christmas!!
Secondly, I have to be honest that I bought a Luxury Lap Desk after reading all there was to read… because they looked beautiful and I was looking for something made in USA. I Googled Lap Desk Made in USA and your website came up… I did not watch the video. I was also excited to know you are in Eugene and have been a part of the Saturday Market which was a dream I had once!!(and still do..)
Upon receiving your email, my husband and I went to your website and watched the video.
I think you have a great creation! I hope business is going good for you… it should be!!”
Shelly Mathews

“Kathleen, you might remember I’ve ordered two lap desks and one arm(chair) desk, so I’ve been to the website several times, but I didn’t watch a video if there was one.
Of the video I saw today, I really liked the looks of it and would have liked to have seen the rest of it. I would have liked this video when ordering the first time. I REALLY like seeing you and knowing who I’m ordering from. I like seeing the actual products and colors and how they fit in the lap and on chairs. Size really does matter!!
Thank you for sharing you website and good luck with the video and your excellent products!”
Diane Dakin

“I received the lap desk today. It looks great! The board you chose looks perfect with the bowling fabric. Thank you so much! I’m sure my nephew will love it.
I’ll be ordering lap desks again in the future for other family members. Thanks for the fabric reimbursement, too.
Thank you again!”  Carolyn Lindsay, regarding a special fabric order.

“I bought three lap desks for Christmas presents, one for my daughter who is a second grade school teacher and she loves it. She uses it for her computer as well as grading her papers and other homework.
I also bought one for my two grandsons, one 17 and one 13. They both love theirs also. They can use them in the car to do their homework on the way to ball practice and other events.
I am disabled and I think this desk would be perfect for someone who suffers from degenerative disc disease and arthritis. You make a really quality product, and I highly recommend it for all ages.”
Trish Dillon

“Back when I was searching the internet I was so pleased to find your site. Your lap desks were by far the nicest that I saw on the internet. I have been down for the last 12 weeks with an Achilles rupture. I had surgery on 12-18-09 for it. This lap desk has been a wonderful tool for my many hours sitting in the chair recuperating. I not only love the uses for it but I love the look and comfort of it. I did like the video at the time of purchase. It definitely was the deciding factor for buying your lap desk. I also thought it was reasonably priced. Good luck to you.”  Pamela K

“The website was very accessible and easy to use. The communication was excellent, as I had several questions about the fabrics. You responded far and above what most people would have done and helped make my final choice a lot easier. The lap desks I ordered were gifts (everyone in my family has one except me) I’m still using an old one that had belonged to my mother, which she never used. It is not one of your lap desks. My family members were delighted and very happy to receive the lap desk, as the ones that they were using were the flimsy plastic ones.”  Sue (March 2010)

“We got my lap desk in the other day and my wife and I love it. After looking for a lap desk ‘it seems like forever’ I have stopped looking. This is by far the best, the quality is outstanding.
Job well done on the Lap desk.” Dennis Dake  (April 2010)

“First we really love our lap desks. They work beautifully. Searching for a lap desk I watched your video, and it was the deciding factor in ordering from you. The description of material and size were what we wanted.”  Robert Bates (March 2010)

“I received my large lapdesk 7 months ago. My chiropractor admired it and approved it for me to use. As a writer with back problems and chronic pain, it is invaluable to me and my health. Thank you for making such a beautiful, quality product.”

“Kathleen, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. The lap desk is beautiful, my wife loves it and thank you for for your timely service. The desk arrived just five days after placing the order, just in time for my wife’s birthday.”  Thomas Hosp (10-17-2010)

“I was looking for a lapdesk for my large laptop computer. My requirements were size and materials. I wanted to get, if possible, an environmentally safe and toxic free product. I had looked all over the web and came across two lapdesk companies (one being this company).I had concerns and questions so I contacted the two companies via email. Kathleen (Lap of Luxury) was extremely helpful and supportive. She answered all of my questions and was willing to work with my requirements. She was so supportive that I decided to buy from her.One of my issues with lapdesks, beanbags, and many pillows is that they are almost always now filled with styrofoam or little plastic pieces. Not only are these materials not environmentally safe but they are toxic too. Kathleen understood my concern and was willing to work with me to find a solution to the problem.Kathleen also offered me the option of getting the lapdesk without the filling so I could find an alternative filling that would meet my demands. She said she would put a small velcro sealed opening in the corner of Batik so I could put in my own alternative fillings. This was great suggestion and I took her up on it.I found several alternative fillings to use for my lapdesk that I would be happy with from an environmental and toxic free stand point. I finally chose to use the organic Buckwheat Hulls because I found out that it is used in pillows for those who have allergy problems.Anyway I love my lapdesk and it is very comfortable! I also like that it is made from Bamboo, the Batik I choose helped support working women and the Buckwheat filling is non toxic :)I highly recommend this lapdesk :) It’s funny I bought the lapdesk for my laptop computer but my 6 year old and two year old daughters want it for coloring :)”  George (Nov. 2010)

“Let me start by saying that I found the lap desks because I only purchase items crafted in America. Problem one solved! Secondly, my first order never arrived via FEDEX. I called Kathleen, and together we worked the issue out through FEDEX. She did everything that was needed to file for the claim, and my lap desk arrived promptly afterward. She also kept me in tune with the progress of the claim. Overall, the product has helped me while working on my laptop, eating meals, and Kathleen was awesome!”
Miles (Nov 2010)

“I ordered a couple of the lap desks a few years ago for my kids. The have survived very well! I just placed another order for gifts this year, trying the bamboo out this time. Great product!”
Daren (Nov 2010)

“My lap desk arrived today, and it is wonderful. It is so well constructed I know I’ll enjoy it for years to come. I love that you signed it because it is truly a work of art. Thank you for such a beautiful product.”
Beverly ( 2010)

“The Lap Desk arrived on Wed. and it is beautiful.  ALMOST too nice to use. And the box it came in is filled with my 97 year old Aunt’s Christmas gifts and is ready to mail to PA. What a win/win.”
Helen (2010)

“I was looking for a quality made, professional looking lap table for my clients to use to review and sign documents. I ordered the small size to try it out and was extemely pleased. Subsequently, I ordered two more. The quality is excellent: beautiful wood, attention to detail, nice fabric, and just the right size for standard documents. Thank you very much.”  Sue D. (11/3/2011)

From Nancy November 2010:
“I received my lap desk and today and it is a wonderful. I love how it is constructed where it elevates your laptop in your lap and is so easy to write on so no more leaning over and get a back and neck ache. I have a Kindle and put it on the lap desk and put my feet up and read, even put my magazines on it and, it was PERFECT! The workmanship is superb. Love the maple top, which is my favorite wood. The material is beautiful. I had been using my lap desk from high school which was in the ’70’s so you can imagine what that must look like!I am so glad I found Kathleen’s website. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed. The fact that each one is handmade and signed by Kathleen makes it even more special! I will be ordering one for Christmas for my daughter.”

From Debbie 12/17/11: “My husband & I celebrated Christmas a bit early and he gave me this wonderful Lap Desk. I love it so much. He told me he ordered it Tuesday and received it the following friday. He was tickled by how fast it came & so loves the beautiful workmanship. I can see you put your heart into your work. We want another one. Thank you so very much.”

“I was looking for a lap desk that is professional looking for my clients so I ordered a small one to review. I am extremely pleased at the quality of the wood, detail, and functionality. It is exactly what I was looking for, and quite nice so I ordered two more. It fits a regular document 8.5 X 11 perfectly. Thank you so much!”

“I just received my lap desk yesterday. I couldn’t believe how quickly it came! The weight is negligible, very similar to my crappy plastic lap desk, a very nice surprise. You would think it would weigh more with it being made of wood. I really enjoy it and look forward to many hours in front of the tv surfing the web on my laptop without burning my legs.And, darn it, it makes me have better posture using it. So. I guess you were successful in that regard too!”

January 2012:
“Dear Kathleen,
I just wanted to thank you again and let you know I find the lapdesk so nice looking and very helpful not only for journalling but the other day my desk was full and I was able to use my lapdesk for what I needed to do. Thank you and may God bless you every day in the New Year. Sincerely, Sr. Barbara”

1/5/2012 Kathleen M: “Yesterday I received my beautiful lap desk that my husband purchased from you. It is well-crafted and of excellent quality. I had been looking for a new one to replace my current worn out lap desk for quite awhile, so I was delighted when I saw how perfect yours was for me. I just wanted to say thanks.”

From Joe Paone:
“I got it yesterday….what a GREAT desktop, it feels so comfortable in my lap no matter how I sit in my recliner….
Thank you very much for a QUALITY and USEFUL lap desk. Plenty of room for my mouse even though I can’t put my laptop all the way to the left because then the left side is too heavy, but even almost centered there is plenty of room….
Feel free to use my review if needed, if anyone ask me, I will HIGHLY recommend you.”

From DJ 2-15-2012 “I ordered two desks for my grandchildren for Christmas and the children love them! ” Artist signed” is a very nice touch and I will be ordering one for myself soon. Thanks for making our gift giving even nicer.”

From CS in Hawaii 2-20-2012:
“My dad loves the lap desk, thank you so much again!
My mom said it is surprisingly light-weight, and she loves the walnut finish. My dad has found several different ways to use it, to relieve his injured shoulder and otherwise. I attached a picture for you of him using it as sort of a desk extension for his wireless keyboard, which really alleviates strain on his arm.
Thank you a million times – you may see an order from me again very soon!”

From Amy 4/2012: “I ordered this product for my Mom’s birthday! It is a fine, quality lap desk! Thank you so much for such excellent customer service in making sure she received it in the mail on time for her special day. The lap desk itself is sturdy and well made. Mom loved the fact that you signed and dated it for her. She knew it was made especially for her! Kudos! This is a great gift for the person that has EVERYTHING!”

4-30-2012 From Al Fortunato
“I run a small business from home, maintain a blog, and study part-time. As a result, I spend virtually every waking moment with my hands at a keyboard. In addition, I have been an avid weightlifter for over thirty years. The act of maintaining my posture for fourteen or more consecutive hours can leave me feeling as if I have turned to stone. Upon receiving my lap desk, my wife, an artist, and I were impressed with the quality design and workmanship of the cherry wood model. Now I can remain productive while seated on the couch, taking a break from the chair and table. In short, your product is the perfect productivity-enhancing tool. Thank you.”

5-7-2012: “I just wanted to tell you how much I like the lap desk I ordered for my mother. She lives in Canada and I will be leaving South Carolina tomorrow to take it to her. I know she will love it. Thank you!
Best Regards,
Linda Swanberg”

6-26-2012 Joan F: “My lap desk arrived this morning. WOW. I absoutely love it.!!!!! My leg doesn’t ache from the metal rod in my thigh and my leg and computer aren’t hot and it’s beautiful. Nice choice on the wood, I might get one for my sister for her birthday. When she comes to visit in July, we will pick out material and you’ll be hearing from me again. I will also tell all my friends about you. Thanks for getting right on it.”
photo (1)

9-1-2012 MR: “I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I love my lapdesk. I use it nearly every day and have done so for more than 4 years. It has held up beautifully through repeated uses and many cleanings. Thank you.”

10-3-2012 Maria W: “You recently shipped a Bamboo desk to Hawaii, and I just want to let you know we were so happy with the beauty and quality of this desk. It also arrived in just a couple of days after our order, and I loved that you used a recycled box for shipping. Way to go with ecological practices and real craftswomanship! I’m giving your address to lots of people I know.”

8-1-2012 Kathy Choryan: “We just gave two of them on Monday – early bday gifts to son-in-law and daughter. Both are teachers and Erin is a crafter. They LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have been thanked a half dozen times and told of what they have used them for. Their one-year-old daughter wants to play with one.
I have used mine since it came mostly for my laptop. Today I put labels and stamps on postcards while catching up on some tv. Perfect!!!
I still have one left and will probably give it to Chris’ Mom for Christmas.
They are gorgeous. I (Erin & Jason too) love the fabric and wood color.
We are so glad to have found you and them. Thank you so much. I am anxious to hear more from Jason – he teaches Latin at EGR and has six classes so that means lots of tests to correct. He is the main reason I initially thought to get these. He would correct papers on his leg while bending over them. UGH!!
So, thanks lady!! We appreciate and love them!!”

9-3-2012  David W.:
“I have a very comfortable sofa in my living room, the same room in which I have many reference books stored on bookshelves. Until I purchased a lap desk (large bamboo), I would remove a reference book from my shelf and trudge upstairs to my home office, where I have a desk. No more:the lap desk is sturdy enough to allow me to use it to read the heaviest reference tome while relaxing on my sofa. I wish I’d known about this well made product years ago!”

10-5-2012  Stephanie:
“Hi! Just writing to thank you for the beautiful lap desks! They are all I’d hoped and more. The added height is so much more comfortable to use as I type this email in front of the TV. Thanks for a quality product I know will be used for years to come both at home (large one) and on the go (small one).”

2-12-12 Nancy F:
“I wanted a lap desk for the computer and reading and writing. So I googled lap desks and found lots of plastic ones and poor quality. Saw yours and knew this was the one. I am very happy with it.”

2-13-12 Dorothy J:
“I intended to write you shortly after Christmas. I ordered two desks for my grandchildren for Christmas and the children love them! ” Artist signed” is a very nice touch and I will be ordering one for myself soon. Thanks for making our gift giving even nicer.”

From Betty B:
“I do Pin Beading Cross stitch, I work off a magnetic board, when I got this, it has made my craft working easier, everything I need fits on the lap desk, all I do is pick it up when ready to work,And now I can sit in my big comfy chair and work on my pins. I like the hight, and its not heavy. I was working off of a cookie sheet.
This is so much nicer, and prettier. Thank you so much”

From Howard C, Jr:
“I ordered the Exotic Lap Desk. The next day I received an email from Kathleen with picture attachment asking me which Lap Desk I liked the best. This kind of service, respect, care and attention for the customer is sadly missing in many of the transactions today. This is a Christmas gift for my wife so I wanted and received a beautiful Exotic Lap Desk. Again, I thank you for making such a wonderful and useful Exotic Lap Desk.”

4-27-2012 Ron Krause:
“My bride has had her lapdesk for a couple of years and uses it almost daily. No problems whatever………………………thanks for your newsletter and offering to fix problems but no need here.”

2010  Linda Kirk:
“In the rush of Christmas shopping I am sorry I didn’t write back and thank you for the phone call offering me a different wood (Walnut) that I picked. What a nice personal touch to talk to you. :-) My husband has said over and over how delighted he is with the lap desk. And that I could customize it as far as wood choice and fabric and color. It makes it a little more personal to him knowing I picked out the options. I can’t say it does much for his posture as he sits in his easy chair and uses it with his laptop or a book on it but he finds it very comfortable. I’m so glad I saw your video. :-)”

Jan 2011  Karen Nutt:
“I just received my lap desk today in the mail and am absolutely thrilled with it. It is very well made and much better than the one I replaced. I look forward to using it for many years to come. I am very impressed by the fine craftmanship and attention to detail and would definitely recommend this product. Thank you for signing and dating it – it truly is a work of art!”

12-2010  Maddie Samuel at the Denver Art Museum:
“I recently ordered a dozen for a major U.S. art museum. They are fantastic! We were able to work with Kathleen to make the cushion a little less fluffy, and chose our own fabric–faux suede is really beautiful with the hardwood top. Can’t wait to see how visitors respond to using the desks!”
Thanks, Kathleen!

2-13-2012  Daniel C:
“The first one was a father’s day gift for the old man. The second is for my big brother’s upcoming b-day. They use laptops quite a bit. And I think my dad eats off of his too.
I can’t remember how I found your website. I might’ve come across it while looking for products that are still made in the U.S. Seems like the list is getting shorter and shorter.
But anyway. Y’all make a great product. I might buy one for my little brother too. So he won’t feel left out. And then I’ll beat him with it.Thanks for the email. Pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the good work.”

12-27-2012  Melanie S:
“I actually gave one of your lap desks to a friend for a Christmas gift. She’s a teacher and grades papers ALL the time! I asked her yesterday if she could tell a difference with her posture as she was grading. Tremendous, she said. And no headaches, since she started using it! I was thrilled for her! I ordered early, (received lap desk a few weeks before Christmas) so that made it difficult to wait. Wanted to give it to her early, but, I was good. I waited!!! Thank you Kathleen for an awesome product. It’s sturdy, stable, and well-built. And the quality is superior. ALL TEACHERS IN PARTICULAR NEED ONE OF YOUR LAP DESKS!!!
Oh, one other thing. I had searched for a lap desk a couple years prior to purchasing this one. I was never impressed with ANY that I came across, therefore I never bought. As soon as I went to your website, I knew I had found the gift I had been searching for!
I want to encourage anyone and everyone interested in a lap desk to go to this website and have yours custom made, as well. I can’t wait to order mine!!!
Thanks again Kathleen!!!

August 2013 Karen T.: “It’s just beautiful. Gorgeous wood and fabric. It’s comfortable and sturdy. I was a little concerned about the flip down ledge, but it’s really solid. pretty much the perfect lapdesk.Kathleen is super nice and really cares about getting it absolutely right for each an every customer. She even called me when a fabric was out of stock. I ended up loving the second fabric I chose.Finally, one of my cats loves to rub her head on the edge of the wood. What could be better than the kitty seal of approval.”

“My lap desks are perfect! I have filled the big one with buckwheat shells and use it everyday on the arm of my lounge chair. It is solid and molds right onto the arm of the chair; I also like how I can shake the filling to one end to get an angle. It is spectacular!!!
I do use it on my lap, if my cat isn’t using my lap!
I haven’t used the small one yet; I’m looking forward to repairing some jewelry soon; maybe for Christmas, Santa will bring me a mini i-Pad, then I will enjoy having a lap desk for it.
I appreciate your efficiency in getting all the details just right; the lap desks are so beautiful; I know they will last me forever! And I love that you signed and dated them :-) — that makes them extra special. I am thrilled and so thankful that I found your site online.
Again, I sincerely thank you.
Many Blessings, Janice.”

Stephanie 1-21-2014 “I just wanted to let you know that my Mom and I received our exotic wood lap desks today and we both love them. In fact we are both using them right now! Great job. We look forward to many years of use from the beautiful works of art. Have a great weekend.”

4-27-2014 Arturo: “The lap desk arrived about 2 weeks ago in perfect condition. I am very happy with my lap desk and hope to order more in the future for friends and family.”

7-9-2014 Rosanne: “I gave a lap desk to my grandchild. She loves it and uses it all the time. It is so well made and the wood is just beautiful. I can see her using it from elementary school to college. I also find her parents using it. Great investment! Thank you.”

10-27-14  Loretta and Marv H:
“We love our two lap desks and use them everyday. Marv puts them down on our chairs,
and then we come into the living room and put our trays on them, pick them up,
turn around and sit down. We like to eat dinner in there and watch TV.
Thank you for the wonderful desks!
And…we don’t need handles for they work fine just grabbing them under the edge of the fabric.”

10-30-14  Eva: “The lap desk arrived yesterday. It is absolutely gorgeous! I arrived home late last night, so haven’t really had the chance to play much with it yet, but am looking forward to it! Thank you, it’s beautiful.” Eva ordered a large cherry with charcoal gingko and a ledge. Thank you Eva!

10-3-14 “Kathleen … I am writing you using the lap desk. Both the lap desk and buckwheat hulls arrived yesterday afternoon, and were easily assembled … I love it all. Putting the hulls into the pillow was easy. Take care. Wishing you neat holidays with unexpected things to be grateful for. A very satisfied customer, Glen.” (Glen ordered an exotic desk 9 x 16″ with Velcro in one seam. He ordered and added buckwheat hulls on his own.)Thank you Glen!

7-30-2014 Thank you Julie for another order yesterday, and for this testimonial. We asked Julie how the desks she ordered in 2009 were holding up:
“I absolutely love them. They are holding up quite well. Mine from 2009 look just like new. I am purchasing these as gifts for my sister and mother for their laptops to sit on their laps while surfing the net. Thank you for such great workmanship. I do believe that is why they have lasted so long…Feel free to use my comments as your lap desks are the best I have found.” In July ’14 Julie ordered two large desks, one maple, one cherry with ledges. She liked the cat fabric (#11 limited fabrics page), and the taupe.

May 23, 2015: From Kim R: “I saw my dad on Father’s Day and snapped his pic with his desk. He absolutely loves it! I might have to get one for myself!”


2-7-13 Jarod K: “I received my lap desk in the mail today. Thank you for your very quick turn-around and shipping. Thanks also for being willing to work with me to create a lap desk that is unique to me. I love the camo! It is obvious that you put it together with care; and I think it’s beautiful. Needless to say, I am writing this email on top of my new lap desk. Thanks again!”

8-25-15 Sharon F: Just wanted to let you know that my lapdesk arrived and I LOVE IT! My old one had gotten a bit squished down and I had forgotten how nice it is to have the stuffing so high! You do a beautiful job on these, the design is perfect. And my fabric looks great!  The height of these is wonderful, and also I know it is possible to fluff up the stuffing but I just hadn’t done it recently, and last but not least, I can’t live without my lapdesk!  And how nice to have one I love!
Martin's mom