Copy Kat

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When I start a new career, lecture, coat, business, or craft idea I am inspired by and use someone else’s work first. This can feel wrong somehow, uncreative, like I’m stealing, but that’s an unnecessary judgment. The people I follow probably were inspired by someone else and really, is there anyone else? Aren’t we one big ball of creative pulsing light and sound? One piece of you inspires me who inspires someone else? Yes, that’s right, entirely.

I just finished another sweater coat, bright yellow, blue, red, black, in cotton with pockets and a long red sash. The waistband is yellow and blue, it has a fun black zipper and a stand-up collar. I didn’t like it at first, but wore it to a networking meeting last night and now its part of my fashion stated self. WIth yellow tights and black boots. 

These coats of many colors always find a home on the body of a women who falls in love with them, at first sight. I am amazed at how the two match and at the tears that appear in my eyes when I recognize the match, and my part in it. 

We all offer things that match with certain people, we all bring wisdom, or entertainment, or insight, or clothing, or photography or design or mechanical help or whatever. Its us helping us with love that makes this such a colorful dream. I am happy to be inspired by, and inspiring you.

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