Graduation Gifts For Seniors

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My little brother’s baby girl is graduating from high school! My brother was born when I was 17, so his daughter getting to be that age is a mind boggling reminder that life is long and we age very slowly. I still feel great, have a mini-mohawk, go dancing, design cool clothes, ride my bike etc. etc. Brittney is just starting into the fun world of college and living on her own. I wish her the best and I sent her a lap desk as a graduation gift. This little desk will be her friend through college and beyond. She picked an owl fabric, and a maple top.


If you are looking for a gift for a graduating senior, think about a lap desk that can follow them to college and beyond. Or that they can use in their new life out on their own. It makes a great study board, TV tray, or a place to use a lap top computer.

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