Summertime Special

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Summer is a great time to sit in the yard with a Lap Desk and book. It may seem odd to take a lap desk with you to read, but you’ll notice the relaxation in your neck and shoulders if you lean on the desk while holding the book (or a Kindle/tablet for that matter). Your shoulders come down and your neck can relax. The same goes for using your lap top with a lap desk. Because of the deep pillow, your computer is up higher and again your shoulder and neck muscles can relax while you use the keyboard. Need to get up? Just lift the desk and whatever is on it and set it to the side.
To aid in your summertime fun, here is a 10% discount good until the end of July. Just add the word “summer” to the coupon code when checking out.
Enjoy the long days, your chaise lounge and your lap desk.
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